Concrete Polishing Michigan has proudly served the Lansing, Michigan area with the highest quality services for over two decades. Our licensed contractors strive to provide flawless installations and have a commitment to use only top-rated materials available to the area. You won’t have to worry when choosing us, as our labor is backed by a full warranty! Polished concrete is a great choice for factories and other industrial settings due to the:

  • Moisture Resistant Surface
  • Simple Maintenance
  • Cost-Effective Price

Are you ready to transform the bare concrete in your factory into a strong and durable slab that can withstand even the most demanding environments? Our team is ready and able to help you achieve any goals you have for your concrete flooring. Keep reading to learn more about our specific concrete services and the benefits they can provide to a factory setting. We also offer free estimates, so don’t hesitate to call or message us.



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    Durable and Versatile Flooring Option

    Common Areas You Can Find Polished Concrete Floors

    Polished concrete floors are a great addition to a variety of environments! You can expect to see these floors in:

    • Factories
    • Warehouses
    • Professional Kitchens
    • Gyms
    • Hotels
    • Auto Showrooms
    • Hospitals
    • Restaurants
    • Basements
    • Garages

    Why Choose Polished Concrete

    For Your Factory Setting?

    Keep reading to learn more about our concrete polishing services:
    • When you reach out to Concrete Polishing Michigan to refresh your factory floors, we start working immediately to ensure that the process is smooth and hassle-free for you. Once you give us a call, we can quickly get an estimate for the polishing services that work for your budget. This is when we will gather information about your specific preferences and concrete needs.
    • Once you accept the quote, we will schedule all the necessary appointments to complete the job. Our goal is to be flexible and create as little interruption in your schedule as possible.
    • We can then prep the concrete surface and complete the grinding process using the highest quality materials available. Once the job is complete, our concrete experts will be sure you are happy with the final product and will ensure you have all the knowledge necessary to care for your new floor.

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    Polished Concrete for Factories

    In Michigan

    Our concrete experts have years of experience installing and repairing polished concrete in the Lansing, Michigan area! Keep reading to learn more about our top-rated services and the benefits of choosing polished concrete for your space.


    Simple Maintenance

    • Polished concrete floors are great for factories because the required maintenance is minimal and won’t take time away from your business functions. You won’t need to set aside large chunks of time for cleaning and no expensive tools are necessary to complete the job.
    • Typically, a dry dust mop and standard wet mop are all that is needed to keep polished concrete looking new. With daily dry mopping to remove dust and dirt, as well as wet mopping to remove grime, the mirror-like finish on your floor will stay vibrant.
    • Be sure to avoid abrasive chemicals that can damage the finish of polished concrete. Use gentle, ph neutral cleaners and soft materials to be sure there is no damage.


    • When compared to other flooring materials or even bare concrete alone, polished concrete offers incredible durability and longevity. These floors can stand up to even the most demanding environments.
    • It’s difficult to determine the exact lifespan of a polished concrete surface, as each environment is unique and will be subject to different levels of traffic. The exact number of years the floor will last can depend on the installation techniques, maintenance, and frequency of use.
    • On average, you can expect these floors to last for around 20 years or more in a factory setting! This is considerably longer than with any other flooring option.

    Color and Design Options

    • One of the major benefits of polished concrete floors is the unique color and design options available! The days of boring concrete are gone with polished concrete, as you can choose from a variety of colors and stains to create a one of a kind surface.
    • You can choose from a variety of colors and design patterns that can be crafted to reflect the colors of your business. Some additives can even create the illusion of movement or natural elements like water.
    • These floors can help to increase the brightness in your factory, which can keep both employees and visitors safe from hazards and falls. There are even additives that can help the surface to remain safe, even when wet.

    Can All Concrete Be Polished?

    Here’s what you need to know:

    On average, nearly any concrete surface can be polished as long as there is no structural damage to the pre-existing slab. If the concrete has cracks or damage, our experts can assess the situation and determine what repairs can be made prior to polishing. Minor cracks can often be repaired but in extreme cases, the slab may need to be replaced before the polishing can occur.


    Why Does Concrete Crack?

    Here’s what you need to know:

    All concrete can crack for a variety of reasons including installation techniques, incorrect ratios of materials, and more. There are steps that can be taken to ensure your concrete is able to withstand fluctuating temperatures which is why it’s important to pick a reputable installation company. The experts at Concrete Polishing Michigan have all the experience and tools necessary to complete a flawless installation.

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