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Many businesses turn to industrial concrete applications to ensure longevity, ease of maintenance, and fewer business disruptions. We are expert concrete installers who work within the industrial complex. Our goal is to give business owners or property management the confidence they need to move business throughout their complexes with ease. Not all concrete installers understand the tight timetables involved with the industrial business, but we do. We know that one of your priorities is to have concrete installed and polished in record time.

We can accommodate that timetable while still adhering to strict safety and quality workmanship. Our team of designers, engineers, foremen, and staff is ready to support your project, whether it's a small concrete pad or a full facility project. Here is a snapshot of our business features:

  • Budget-Conscious
  • Reliable Expert Installers
  • Licensed and Insured
  • Smart Surface Solutions for Busy Industry
  • Labor Warranties



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    Benefits of Industrial Concrete Flooring

    A flooring system you can count on for years to come

    Your business will benefit from concrete flooring since it can hold up to the daily grind of foot traffic, moving machinery, and equipment moving across it repeatedly. The benefits also include things like staving off spills, chemicals, heat, cold, and more. Here is a list of some of the main benefits:

    • Customization - While standard polished grey concrete floors might work just fine for your back facility, we can also look at more customizations for other parts of your complex. This can include texture, color, staining, and more. We can even use things like logos or directional signals to help move people to where they should go.
    • Easy to Maintain - Concrete floors hide the dust and debris that may collect on your floors but also make cleaning these areas easier. There is no need for highly specific or costly cleaning solutions or tools to help you maintain polished concrete floors
    • Safety in Mind - Safety is a concern for many business owners and facility managers. Polished concrete floors may look slippery to the eye, but we can construct these surfaces to be more slip-resistant, ensuring the safety of your staff. We do this by adding coatings that cut down slip and falls, which even help while the floor is wet. These floors are also fire-resistant, making it an ideal way to stop the spread of a devasting facility fire.
    • Sustainable - Many businesses are prioritizing sustainability in their facilities. Polished concrete floors are sustainable options since these materials are less intrusive to source and easily discarded or recycled. Concrete is also great for heating and cooling considerations where they retain or cut down on heat to help with carbon loads.
    • Longevity - There are plenty of choices when it comes to flooring options, but few offer longevity (combined with the other benefits) the way concrete does. If maintained properly, these floors will last decades. Polished concrete is the ideal material for those who plan to stay in business for years to come.

    Concrete Polishing Process

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    Our polished concrete solutions for Texas-based businesses make choosing our company easy. We have a straight forward process that allows our industrial partners flexibility and expedited strategies. We will get a full understanding of your priorities such as traffic patterns, what moves across your floors, what kind of personal and machinery you use, and more. Here is a look at the basic process of working with us:

    • Contact us and tell us more about your industrial polished concrete project.
    • Work with our team to plan and engineer the flooring you need with special attention to company priorities.
    • We send you a quote for your concrete flooring, taking into account your budget and limitations on the project.
    • Accept the quote, and work with us to schedule and define your project when it best works for your bustling business.
    • Get your industrial concrete floors installed in record time so your business can get back online quickly.
    • Get follow-up instruction from our team and let us be your partner in any maintenance or repairs needed in the days ahead.

    Working With Our Team

    Serving various areas throughout Texas

    When you decide to work with our company you'll be taking a step towards high-quality work with a communicative team. We make it our goal to give your facility exactly what it needs so you can continue to be a well-oil machine and a leader in your industry. We want you to spend more time moving product for your business than maintaining your flooring.

    We have hired the best in the industry, so our clients feel confident about the work we do for them. We adhere to all major facility safety regulations and construct flooring to do the same. As a large-scale business ourselves, it's important to us we fully understand the needs of our industrial partners. Here are just a few reasons to work with our team.

    • High-quality work for small, medium, and large scale industrial businesses.
    • We are a mindful company with other company's budgets. We blend the budget and required deliverables for the ideal install process.
    • We are a licensed and insured business, so our clients know we take our work and your business seriously.
    • We offer labor warranties in the off-chance that our work failed at some step of the process.
    • We hire the best installers, craftsmen, and planners to ensure our industrial clients receive professional concrete flooring.
    • We work on your timeline so we don't disrupt your business and can get back to tending to your own customers faster.
    • We use expert material sources and suppliers to stay on time and so we can offer the best products to our clients.
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