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Are you representing an institutional business and need help with functional flooring? Our company serves your business sector with a product and service you can count on. Concrete is a great option for institutions such as government, healthcare, justice facility, or similar. We understand that these facilities must adhere to standards and regulations, and we are here to walk through that with you. On this page, you'll learn about some of the benefits of using this flooring at your facility. You'll also learn more about the process and our company. Here is a quick look at who we are and why you should work with us:

  • Can adhere to regulations and guidelines
  • Mindful budgeting for cost-conscious institutions
  • Expedited projects for minimizing downtime
  • Licensed and insured
  • Labor warranties



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    Benefits of Polished Concrete for Institutions

    Learn if polished concrete is right for your facility

    Concrete is one of the world's most formidable materials to work with. Not only can it withstand a lot of the daily grind, but it's easy to maintain and clean. We can help you whether you have an existing space or are looking to build out a space soon. These factors will help determine if polished concrete is right for your facility. In this section, you'll learn more about some of the most notable reasons why institutions use polished concrete.

    • Durability - Does your facility deal with moving a lot of people or machinery? The durability of polished concrete is one of the most popular reasons why institutions use this material. Facility managers and business owners know that this material can withstand the daily abuse or wear and tear its handed. Repetitive traffic patterns or heavy loads are no match for concrete. It can take drops of heavy items or various spills from the chemical or medical industries.
    • Longevity - Most institutional sectors are long-term facilities that require environments that need little to no rebuilding. Polished concrete can deliver on this need by looking good and functioning well for years with the proper care and maintenance. The world uses concrete for its infrastructure, which means you can count on it as well for your institution.
    • Safety - One of the top concerns among facility managers for their spaces, is safety. Institutions tend to cater to a large number of people and also encompass an expansive footprint. With so many people, one of the top priorities is having a flooring system that adheres to safety measures. This includes fewer slip and fall incidents, fire-resistant, a non-germ surface, and the like. Polished concrete can deliver on all of these factors, making it a safe place for both visitors and staff.
    • Budget - All businesses are cognizant of their budgets, but institutions typically need to be even more aware of their financial commitments. Polished concrete is not the most cost-effective material at the time you pay for it however, it is the most cost-effective over time. Concrete reigns superior when it comes to performance, which means you will spend less overtime to clean, maintain, repair, or replace. No other material is more cost-friendly to a lifetime business forecast of an institution.
    • Sustainable - Many institutions will get better financial benefits if they choose environmentally friendly construction materials. Part of this may come from the regulatory space and tax breaks or incentives. On the other side, concrete will also help with things like heating and cooling costs. Furthermore, concrete is a sustainable product that doesn't require pillaging of resources the way other materials require. Also, one day, this material will be able to be recycled for other uses such as playgrounds, ocean reefs, and similar projects.

    Get to Know the Process

    The process of working with our team

    polished concrete contractors

    If you have never installed polished concrete floors in a facility before, you might be curious about the process of working with a company like ours. We thought it might be helpful to learn more about our process so you can make the best decision possible. Here is a little breakdown of what it's like to hire us for your Michigan concrete polishing project.

    • Call or message us to tell us more about your upcoming polished concrete project.
    • We will gather all the necessary details about your project to get you an estimate quickly.
    • Accept the estimate and make adjustments to add or subtract aesthetic or safety options as needed.
    • Schedule your project on dates that work with your build schedule or downtime at your facility.
    • Your project will take a series of days typically, and will require us to prep the space for your concrete.
    • We will then pour and polish according to your project details. This may include color options, logo additions, and polishing to the desired finish.
    • Once your project is done, we will work with your facilities management on future care and maintenance.

    Working With Us

    Learn about our company and what we do

    We are a client-centric business that adopts the needs and priorities of our customers. We listen intently to what our customers desire and deliver that product in record time. Here are a few reasons to work with us:

    • Experience working with institutional structures to deliver top-notch work and service.
    • Budget mindful company that works through financial strategies to keep clients within their budgetary limitations.
    • We partner with top-notch manufacturers and suppliers, so our clients are confident about the longevity of their project.
    • We hire professionals to build our projects, such as craftsman, project managers, engineers, and other qualified professionals.
    • We are a licensed and insured company that is qualified to work in the state of Michigan.
    • We offer labor warranties to ensure our clients feel confident in both our work and service.
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