Are the floors in your restaurant starting to look faded from years of use? Is the concrete starting to become cracked, dull, or stained from the foot traffic from guests and spilled foods? Consider a polished concrete floor from Concrete Polishing Michigan for your Lansing based restaurant! Our concrete experts have years of experience working with a variety of concrete and have all the tools necessary to complete a flawless installation. Polished concrete floors are an excellent way to make your space brighter while also helping to keep your employees and customers safe. These floors are extremely durable and the installation is designed to be permanent. Polished concrete is known for:

  • Moisture Resistance
  • Durability
  • Longevity

Our company works to make the process of concrete polishing simple, with minimal interruptions to your daily business functions. We understand that your time is valuable which is why we strive to work quickly and efficiently. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or concerns regarding concrete polishing for your Michigan restaurant.



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    Strong and Durable Flooring

    Common Installation Areas for Polished Concrete

    In addition to restaurants and professional food preparation areas, it’s common to see polished concrete in a variety of different areas including:

    • Schools
    • Gyms
    • Hotels
    • Factories
    • Warehouses
    • Retail Storefronts
    • Auto Showrooms
    • Data Centers
    • Hospitals
    • Basements
    Restaurant Space

    Why Choose Concrete Polishing Michigan

    To Transform Your Restaurant Space?

    Keep reading below to learn more about our company and the benefits of choosing us for all your concrete needs.
    • You can rest assured when you choose Concrete Polishing Michigan to transform your restaurant you will have a stress-free experience! Once you call us with your specific concrete situation and preferences, we can provide you with a no-obligation estimate quickly.
    • Once you approve the quote, we can then begin creating a plan of action for your specific floor and creating a schedule that works for your business. It’s our goal to minimize interruptions to your daily business processes, which is why we can work around nearly any schedule necessary!
    • Our concrete experts will complete the job in minimal time using only top-rated materials to the Lansing, Michigan area. Our company will make sure you are completely satisfied with your new floor at the end of the installation. We will also ensure you have the tools and knowledge necessary to complete any required maintenance to the surface.

    We Can Polish Concrete and Perform Repairs

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    Polished Concrete for Restaurants

    In the Lansing, Michigan area

    Polished concrete floors provide ample benefits to a variety of residential and commercial settings. Some of the main advantages of these floors include:

    moisture resistant michigan

    Moisture Resistant

    • One of the most popular features of polished concrete floors for restaurant settings is the moisture-resistant surface! This not only ensures that there will be no structural damage from spills but also works to keep the surface sanitary and safe for everyone.
    • When moisture is able to penetrate the surface of the concrete, it can lead to the growth of harmful bacterias or molds. This can be dangerous, especially in food preparation areas or dining settings. You can ensure that your staff and guests are safe from these toxins by choosing the seamless finish of a polished concrete floor.


    • When compared to other traditional flooring options, polished concrete is incredibly affordable for restaurants and a variety of other businesses. Materials like tile, stone, or wood can require expensive up-front costs for installation and can also need maintenance throughout time to keep them functioning.
    • The concrete polishing process works to preserve the pre-existing concrete slab from moisture, heat, and damage so you won’t have to worry about replacements for many years. The installation is designed to be permanent with no need for refresher coatings.

    Simple Maintenance

    • Another popular feature of these floors is the simple and cost-effective maintenance needed to keep the surface looking sleek and new. Materials like wood or stone can require expensive cleaners and tools to keep them functioning and even then they may need to be replaced after just a few years’ time.
    • Your staff won’t need to spend large chunks of time caring for your concrete floor, as the maintenance is quick and simple. Using a dry mop daily can help to remove dust from the surface and prevent scratches. A wet mop with neutral cleaner can be used to remove grit and grime from the surface on a weekly or monthly basis.
    Can All Concrete Be Polished?

    Can All Concrete Be Polished?

    Here’s what you need to know:

    Yes, nearly all concrete can be polished as long as there is no structural damage to the slab. Our concrete experts will be able to evaluate your pre-existing slab to determine if the damage will be able to be repaired or if you will need replacement. Typically, most damages can be repaired and replacement is only necessary in extreme cases.

    If you have fresh concrete floors, they will need to sit and cure for at least 30 days prior to starting any polishing processes. This will ensure they are structurally sound and able to withstand the grinding process.

    How Long Will A Polished Concrete Floor Last?

    How Long Will A Polished Concrete Floor Last?

    Here’s what you need to know:

    • It’s difficult to determine how long a polished concrete floor will last, as each installation and environment is unique. The foot traffic, maintenance, and other factors of your Michigan restaurant will determine how long the floor will last.
    • On average, you can expect polished concrete to last 20 years or more! This makes these floors an exceptional choice for restaurants and other business settings.

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