All concrete floors require some kind of maintenance to ensure their longevity. Concrete floors are some of the strongest and most durable flooring options on the market, which is why so many homeowners and business owners are installing them. Polished concrete floors are a solid option for those who wish to maintain strength in their flooring.

Our professional team at Motor City Concrete Polishing is known in Detroit, Michigan for some of the city’s best concrete polishing services. We have been serving the city for several years in both residential and business communities. Give us a call today and tell us more about your project, and we would be happy to answer any of your questions. In the meantime, you can learn more about us below.

Keep reading to learn more about our concrete polishing services in the greater Detriot area.



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    Motor City Concrete Polishing

    Motor City Concrete Polishing

    Detroit, Michigan

    Our company, owners, and staff have all called Detroit home for several years. It is our goal, to help our fellow neighbors with their concrete polishing needs. This flooring option is versatile in various environments. They are heat and moisture resistant, making them a perfect fit for Michigan homes and businesses.

    Homeowners are requesting concrete polishing services more frequently than they were just a few years ago. There is a good reason for this. Polished concrete is easy to maintain and offers a clean and minimalist aesthetic that goes with just about any home decor. Homeowners also like that there are customizations that can help them achieve the perfect look for their home.

    Among the business community, concrete polishing has been a staple flooring system. Most often, this flooring is found in the auto industry because of its durability and polish factors. You can find this finish in the retail, restaurant, government complex, and institutional industries. This flooring material is in high demand as it is easy to maintain and clean.

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    Concrete Polishing Process

    The process of polishing concrete is actually fairly interesting. What was once a basic grey slab with some shine factor, is now a flooring option that transforms with color and texture. Here is a little more about the concrete polishing process. 

    • First, the concrete will be cut, similar to sanding wood, to remove any damages or imperfections. This process will also remove any stains or sealants that could interfere with your newly installed concrete floors. The sanding process is anywhere between a 3-to-5 step system. 
    • A sealant is applied that will seep into the concrete giving it more density and longevity. This eliminates the need for adding topcoats to your concrete which tend to delaminate or discolor. This process will also help keep maintenance to a minimum.
    • A wet or dry sanding process will wrap up the project giving the floors their high gloss finish. Depending on your project and location, we will determine what type of sanding process should be used. 
    concrete polishing treatment detroit

    Cost-Effective Treatment

    One of the best things about polished concrete floors is how cost-effective they are. The installation of other materials can get pricey. These other materials may need to be replaced or maintained, which can also rack up your cost. Polish concrete tends to wear at the same rate across the floor. Some flooring systems will leave traces of damage such as walk patterns or environmental issues like sunlight exposure. You will also save on installation costs since polished concrete takes less time to install. Overall, you will be saving money in materials and labor when you choose concrete polishing for your home or business.

    Customize Your Finish

    Did you know that you could customize your polished concrete floors with color, pattern, and texture? We can use a variety of color options to bring color to your floors. We can use acid stains or chemical-based color components to make your surfaces unique. These types of stains are a little limited and will not cover significant blemishes or flaws in your floors. We can also use a water-based stain. These are made up of various polymers and pigments. Another color option is using dyes that offer more pigment and color choices. We can use color to create different kinds of patterns and create topcoats that will add texture. You would be surprised at how many options you have to customize your polished concrete floors. We can even create designs on the floors and use color to accentuate that design.

    Concrete polishing Durability

    Durable and Long-Lasting

    You already know how durable concrete is in the building and construction fields. A polished concrete floor will last far longer than floors left in their raw form. These floors can stand the test of time since they can accommodate busy families or bustling businesses. Whether your home has a lot of foot traffic or your business sees plenty of dropped dishes, these floors can handle this daily abuse. A polished concrete floor will be liquid-resistant and water-wicking water. Most flooring systems cannot do this and will often absorb these substances, breaking down the flooring faster.
    Concrete is a stable product that has incredible longevity in both residential and business applications. Homeowners and business owners alike, want a flooring system they can count on for several years. Polish concrete is that flooring system.

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    Residential Services

    As we mentioned above, homeowners are flocking towards concrete polishing projects in various parts of their homes. In the past, homeowners were reluctant to use such a hard material inside their homes. However, today you will find polished concrete in just about every room. The ideal places for this product are in kitchens and bathrooms. These spaces tend to collect a lot of debris and are subject to shifting temperatures. Polished concrete also works in your utility spaces, especially those that handle water-based mechanicals. For example, a utility room that houses your water heater or a basement collecting a lot of moisture. Homeowners appreciate that this floor can be customized in various ways or left in a minimalistic form. These floors are the foundation for anyone looking to sell their property in the future too. Polished concrete will add value to your home if you ever go to sell it.


    Commercial Services

    Motor City Concrete Polishing loves working with the fellow business community. We understand what it takes to be a successful business in Detroit, Michigan, and appreciate working alongside other business owners. Since we are a business ourselves, we understand the demands of flooring and can guide you through the process of having your floors polished. Most business owners cannot stay down very long before it starts impacting their bottom line. We keep this in mind when we are booking your appointments, and we always work hard to get the job done quickly and thoroughly. Find our work in various locations such as government buildings, professional auto garages, institutions, retail, and restaurant spaces. Our commercial partners appreciate our transparent pricing.

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