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      Why You Should Consider

      Concrete Polishing Lansing

      Concrete polishing is gaining a lot of traction. How do we know? We perform commercial and residential polishing services all the time. It’s a new craze that is taking over the market by storm and for good reason. Homeowners tell us that they love the durability of the material. They also say that the pristine and polished appearance greatly adds more visual appeal to their homes.
      Concrete Polishings are ideal for both commercial and residential settings because they greatly improve the material. Our polishing services are an opportunity for you to add more value to your property and strengthen your concrete flooring. The topcoat that we apply to your flooring will seal off the concrete underneath it which will prevent moisture and heat from damaging it. Also, our services are extremely affordable, so you will get a lot of bang for your buck when you hire our services.

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      The Many Benefits of

      Concrete Polishing

      Concrete polishing is something that you shouldn’t overlook. Here’s why our clients love it:
      polished concrete floors

      An Affordable Service

      We can guarantee that our concrete polishing services won’t break the bank. Restorative solutions are always a lot cheaper than outright replacing your concrete flooring. There is a lot less labor involved and the process is quick and easy to carry out. Polishing will greatly strengthen your concrete flooring which will save you a ton of money on future repairs and resurfacing services.

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      Shiny Surfaces

      Wood concrete installations are unique because we can make the epoxy mixture resemble wood materials. This eliminates a lot of the hassle of the upkeep that’s involved in maintaining the appearance of wood flooring. This is because wood has a tendency to absorb moisture and the material is also extremely vulnerable to infestations. Wood concrete installations are extremely attractive-looking and they offer you the same durability and strength that you would get with epoxy flooring. The material is also stain-resistant and the sturdy overlay ensures that your floor won’t undergo any damage for some time to come.

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      Everyone knows that concrete is subject to wear and tear. Damage can come in many different forms so you always want to stay a step ahead. We will seal off your concrete flooring so that it will resist oils, chemicals, and bacteria from wreaking havoc on the material. Anything that can and will weaken your concrete flooring won’t affect it. Concrete polishing will also prevent stains and corrosion from taking effect.

      stained polished concrete

      A Permanent Solution

      Replacing your concrete flooring can be extremely costly and, in many cases, unnecessary. You can achieve the same sturdy and durable surface by simply polishing your concrete flooring instead. Many home and business owners opt for a polishing service because it offers a permanent and long-lasting solution to all of their flooring woes. Concrete polishing will enable your floor to withstand heavy amounts of foot traffic and it’ll be a long time before it undergoes any significant damage.

      polished concrete garage floor

      Greater Protection

      In addition to providing you with long-lasting results, concrete polishing will also protect your home from potential flooding. This is why polished concrete is an ideal choice for your basement. Leaks and flooding are bound to happen and it’s your responsibility to ensure that you can protect and preserve your property. Water damage can wreak havoc on your home, resulting in exorbitant repairs.

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      Polished concrete is extremely long-lasting and it will preserve your concrete flooring. The average lifespan of the material is roughly 20 years if you take care of it properly. Also, what makes polished concrete such an ideal choice for homeowners is the fact that you won’t have to replace your concrete flooring for many years to come. The material won’t easily chip away or erode, and you will rarely need to repair it.

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      Easy Maintenance

      The reason why concrete polishing is ideal for a commercial setting is that there is very minimal effort to maintaining it. With most flooring material, you will notice that it’s vulnerable to the effects of moisture and heat. Operating in an industrial environment means that you need a sturdy flooring material that offers heavy-duty load-bearing capabilities. This is why so many local manufacturers and commercial operators hire our services.

      We Provide Reliable & Premier Flooring Solutions

      Decorative Options & Customization

      Many of our clients are surprised when they learn that they can customize the appearance of their concrete flooring. There are many different ways in which you can get creative, and this is because we offer a plethora of design options. You can opt for something more traditional looking, or you can integrate a color scheme that seamlessly blends in with your interior decor.
      Many of the homeowners who hire us opt for acid stains to achieve a more abstract appearance. Acid stains will have your floor emulating marble and other luxurious materials.

      We also utilize solvent-based dyes that can achieve bright and glossy colors through polishing. We can deliver you an array of color schemes that are suitable for your tastes. Our concrete polishing solutions will easily make your home appear breathtakingly beautiful.


      Residential Concrete Polishing

      Revitalize your home and make it beautiful again


      Whether you want to strengthen your garage flooring or add more visual appeal to your home, then polished concrete is the right choice for you.
      We can easily install a polished concrete flooring system and you can acquire our services at an affordable and consumer-friendly price. Polished concrete offers you incredible durability and resistance to severe indoor and outdoor conditions. When your neighbors see your new floor, they will be in awe of it and want one for themselves.

      Commercial Polished Concrete

      Our services are available throughout Lansing and the surrounding areas.

      The strength and quality of your flooring can make a huge difference – especially if you own and operate a business. Repairs can cause you to shut things down temporarily, which can affect your bottom line. Polished concrete will ensure that there are no interruptions in your workflow.
      We offer concrete repair and restorative solutions for anyone living in Lansing. No matter the setting, whether it’s residential, commercial, or industrial, we can easily set you up with service.

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      Cheap, Quick, and Reliable Concrete Polishing Services

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        How long does concrete polishing last?

        An incredibly long time. The lifespan of your concrete flooring, however, will depend on several different factors. This includes the age of the material, the maintenance you put into it, and the initial installation. If something goes wrong during the installation process, then this can have a significant effect on your concrete flooring. All things considered, we cannot understate the incredible durability of polished concrete. There are several things you can do to extend the lifespan of your concrete flooring. This includes cleaning it routinely and also resealing every year or so. The average lifespan of polished concrete is roughly 20 tears.

        Can I polish concrete on my own?

        While you don’t necessarily need to hire someone to install polished concrete, we strongly recommend that you do so anyway. Why? Because it is easy to screw things up. Concrete polishing is a multi-step process and if you overlook even one minor detail, then it can ruin everything. Here is the process entail:

        • You will need to inspect your floors to ensure that there are no major structural issues
        • You will need to fix any rough spots or deformities in your flooring
        • You will then apply a chemical densifier on top of your flooring to provide a layer of strength and protection
        • Finally, you will begin polishing your concrete flooring
        What kind of maintenance is involved with polished concrete?

        A common misconception about concrete polishing is that it requires a lot of maintenance and upkeep. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Many of our clients hire us because they learn that there is very minimal work involved in maintaining polished concrete. Here is what we recommend that you do:

        • Sweep and mop your floor routinely and prevent debris from collecting on top of it
        • Never use cleaners that contain high concentrations of soap because they will dull the appearance of your floor
        • Also, avoid use cleaner that contains acids in them because they will damage the protective coating
        • Whenever a spill happens, clean it up as soon as possible to prevent staining
        • You will periodically need to reseal your flooring (once every year or two)
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