Polished Concrete 101: All About These Durable Floors

Polished Concrete 101: All About These Durable Floors

Polished concrete is a flooring option that is rapidly growing in popularity for both home and business owners. Are you unsure if these floors are the right choice for your space? Keep reading to learn more about these durable floors and the benefits associated with having them installed. 

What Is Polished Concrete?

Polished concrete is simply standard concrete that has gone through a grinding process to create a sleek and shiny finish on the surface of the floor. You can compare the process to sanding wood, though with concrete you can expect a shiny, mirror-like finish on the floor. Prior to starting the polishing process, your licensed contractor will assess the slab for damages and make any repairs necessary. These floors are a great option for Michigan homes and businesses, as they are able to stand up against the harsh weather and fluctuating temperatures.

What Are The Benefits of Polished Concrete?

No matter where these versatile floors are installed, they provide an exceptional amount of benefits for the space. You can expect strength and durability when choosing these floors, as they are designed to stand up against even the most demanding of environments. Even businesses and industrial areas with heavy foot traffic and chemical use are no match for the surface of these floors. The installation is designed to be permanent and to last for decades with minimal maintenance. Polished concrete can also help to increase safety with a skid-resistant surface and the ability to increase the overall brightness in a room.

How Long Does Polished Concrete Last?

The concrete polishing process is designed to be permanent and to last for decades! This is different from other flooring materials that need frequent maintenance and restorative services, which can add up to bulky expenses over time. You can expect polished concrete in both residential and commercial areas to last for at least 20 years with minimal maintenance. The exact lifespan of polished concrete will depend on the unique environment it is installed, as well as the amount of traffic it will be subject to. If you have specific questions regarding concrete polishing, reach out to Polished Concrete Michigan with any questions today!

Maintenance Needed For Polished Concrete

One of the most popular features of polished concrete floors is the simple maintenance and cleaning routines needed to keep the surface looking shiny. There are no coatings or refresher polishing needed to keep the signature mirror-like shine on the surface and there is no need to purchase expensive cleaning tools or solutions. On average, these floors will need to be dry mopped either daily or weekly to remove dirt and dust from the surface. Wet mopping with a ph neutral chemical should be completed on a weekly or monthly basis, as it can help to break down grime and keep the surface looking clear.

Fully Customizable

You won’t have to settle for the boring and bland gray color of standard concrete when you choose polished concrete to transform your space! There are endless color and design options available to help create a truly unique and stunning work of art right on the surface of your new floor. In addition to colors, there are also different stains that can be selected to achieve a unique finish on the floors. Popular options can provide vibrant bright colors and even muted earth tones, allowing you to choose the option suited best for your needs. Polished Concrete Michigan has many color and design options available for an affordable cost.

Nearly All Concrete Can Be Polished

Many people wonder if all concrete can be polished or if there are certain requirements the pre-existing slab must meet prior to starting the process. On average, nearly all concrete can be polished as long as there is no structural damage to the slab. Even old, faded concrete can be polished as long as the damage to the slab is not severe. If there are cracks on the surface, your licensed contractor will be able to assess the damage and make repairs before starting the job. If you are looking to have fresh concrete polished, you will need to wait at least 30 days before starting the process to ensure the slab is fully cured and ready to withstand the grinding. 

Polished concrete floors provide Michigan home and business owners with a variety of convenient and cost-effective benefits. These floors are designed to last for decades and can help to make the pre-existing concrete slab stronger and able to withstand more factors than bare concrete alone. If you are looking to have polished concrete in your home, reach out to Polished Concrete Michigan today for affordable services and a free no obligation estimate.

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