Top Benefits of Polished Concrete Floors

With polished concrete floors increasing in popularity for both residential and commercial areas, many people are wondering what unique benefits these floors can bring to a home or business. When compared to other traditional flooring materials, polished concrete offers incredible benefits such as strength, versatility, and longevity. Polished Concrete Michigan provides both exceptional flooring materials and top-rated services. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of choosing polished concrete to transform and brighten your space!

Unmatched Durability

One reason that polished concrete is an excellent choice for any environment is the exceptional durability and functionality it can provide. There is no need to worry about chipping, scratching, or peeling with this type of floor, as the polished surface can actually help to preserve the pre-existing concrete! Polished concrete is resistant to moisture, fluctuating Michigan temperatures, and damage from impact, making them a great choice for both residential and commercial areas. Individuals located in Michigan should reach out to Polished Concrete Michigan for all of their floor restoration or repair needs.


While many flooring materials have a long lifespan, concrete and polished concrete is designed to last for decades with minimal maintenance. Even in commercial and industrial areas, polished concrete can stand up against heavy foot traffic, machinery, and near constant use. Other flooring options like stone or wood require maintenance, repairs, or replacement every 5-10 years, which can become expensive throughout time. Polished concrete adds additional strength and weight-resistance to pre-existing concrete, helping it to last for decades. These installations are designed to be permanent and are one of the longest lasting flooring options available.

Easy to Maintain

It’s common for certain flooring materials to require extensive cleaning regimens with bulky tools and harsh cleaning chemicals. In some cases, home or business owners have to reach out to professional services for restorative maintenance every few years. This can lead to high expenses over time and interruptions to your daily schedule. With polished concrete, you can rest assured the cleaning regimen will be simple and no abrasive cleaners need to be used. To keep these floors looking shiny, it’s recommended to use a soft dry mop to remove dirt daily or weekly depending on traffic. If grime begins to build up, a wet mop and ph neutral cleaner can be used to refresh the surface.

Increased Safety

Many people believe that polished concrete floors are slippery due to the shiny surface and are unaware of the safety benefits associated with these types of floors. On average, polished concrete floors are not slippery and can provide the same slip-resistance as a standard basketball court. There are also additives available that can make the floor skid-resistant, even while wet! Polished concrete has a reflective, shiny surface that can help to increase brightness where it is installed and reduce accidental injuries. Whether these floors are in a home or business, you can rest assured they will help to increase overall safety.


Compared to other flooring options, polished concrete is low in cost and a great investment for homeowners, commercial businesses, and industrial areas. The out of pocket cost for installation is low due to the fact contractors are typically polishing pre-existing concrete. There are no expensive materials to purchase, which can help to save time and money. Polishing can be completed on new concrete slabs, though it may need to be cured for at least 30 days or more prior to beginning the process. There is minimal maintenance and no refresh coatings needed for these floors, making the cost a smart investment.

Customizable Design Options

The days of having to settle for the boring and bland colors of bare concrete are gone thanks to polished concrete! There are countless color, design, and pattern options available with these floors which make them one of the most versatile options on the market. You can choose from the striking aesthetic of solid colors or choose from a variety of stains that can provide dramatic results. The design options with polished concrete are endless and do not require expensive costs to complete. Reach out to Polished Concrete Michigan to learn more about the options available in the area.

Protect Your Concrete

While bare concrete has exceptional longevity and durability, the polishing process can help to make the slab stronger and able to withstand damages. The surface of polished concrete is moisture resistant, which helps to prevent structural damage and harmful bacterias from growing on the floor. Even with impact from dropped items or harsh chemicals being spilled, polished concrete is designed to function like new for years regardless of the environment. 

There are many benefits associated with having your residential or commercial concrete polished. They can help to save you money over time and will protect your pre-existing materials. For more information on these versatile floors, reach out to Polished Concrete Michigan today.

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