The 5 Key Advantages of Polished Concrete Floors

Are you looking to transform the faded, dull concrete in your Michigan home or commercial business? Do you want a truly unique and customizable product that comes with countless benefits? A polished concrete floor is a great way to take worn and old concrete and revamp it into something fresh and sleek. The polishing process will not only preserve your concrete and increase its durability, but will also allow you to choose from many different colors, designs, and finish options. You are able to create a truly unique staple piece for your home or business with fully customizable options. These floors are a great investment and provide key benefits to both homeowners and commercial businesses. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of having a polished concrete floor installed.

Easy Maintenance

The days of expensive cleaning tools, harsh chemicals, and expensive services are over thanks to polished concrete. These floors are one of the easiest to care for and require little maintenance to keep them looking new. Unlike many other flooring options, there are no repeat coatings needed to preserve the floor. Many people are shocked to learn that the unique finish of polished concrete can actually help to hide dust and debris on the floor! It is simple to keep these floors clean, as a soft mop or broom is all that’s needed to sweep dirt from the surface. Be sure to clean spills promptly with a soft cloth and to use a gentle cleaning agent.

Stain and Moisture-Resistant

One of the most popular benefits of polished concrete is the moisture-resistant surface that works to not only protect the structural integrity of your existing concrete but also prevent harmful molds and bacterias from growing on the surface. While we recommend that you clean any stains promptly to avoid issues, these floors are stain-resistant and will not absorb any moisture into the concrete. You can be sure that your whole family is safe from germs when you have one of these efficient and practical floors installed in your home or business.

Strong and Durable

While concrete is one of the strongest building materials available, polished concrete provides even more weight resistance and durability than the standard options! When your concrete is polished, it creates a strong surface that is able to withstand heat, moisture, and impact better than bare concrete alone. This makes the floors a great option for garages, vehicle showrooms, living areas, and commercial businesses where there is heavy foot traffic. They are also great for finished basements because they can transform a cold, unusable area into one perfect for spending time with the family. When you have a polished concrete floor installed, it works to protect your pre-existing concrete slab. They are a great investment that will last for years and can help to increase the overall value of your home.


Polished concrete is great for people looking to add bold colors or designs to their bare concrete floors. There is a variety of different colors, textures, designs, and pigment options available so that you can customize your own work of art. This can help to increase brightness in a space and create a welcoming environment for friends, family, or business clients. Our installation experts can add color, mimic designs like stone, or provide additional coatings to ensure your floor meets your every need. These one of a kind works of art are sure to be the focal point of any room!

Increased Safety

Choosing a polished concrete floor means you will be increasing the overall safety in the entire area! Due to the sleek and shiny finish of polished concrete, many people are led to believe that the floors are slippery. This is simply not true, as these floors provide around the same grip as a standard basketball court. There are also various additives that can be added to your polished concrete to add increased grip on the surface, even when wet! Due to the shiny, reflective surface, polished concrete floors help to add increased brightness wherever they are installed. This is great for basements, garages, and studios where lighting may be an issue. Polished concrete floors are a great way to help keep people safe in both residential and commercial environments.

Having a polished concrete floor installed is a great way to transform a dark, unused space into a bright and functional area. They are a great investment for both homeowners and commercial businesses, as they are able to withstand damage and provide increased safety. Your floor can truly be a one-of-a-kind piece thanks to the variety of colors and additives available. Reach out to us today for all of your polished concrete needs in Michigan. 

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