5 Tips For Maintaining Your Polished Concrete Floor

Polished concrete floors are known for being extremely durable and able to withstand demanding environments for many years. While this is true, there are some key steps that should be taken to ensure your floor functions like new for decades. One of the biggest advantages of polished concrete floors is the simplicity of the required maintenance, as no expensive tools or harsh cleaners are needed. Keep reading to learn more easy maintenance tips for your Michigan polished concrete floor and how you can keep them looking shiny and sleek.

Professional Installation

There are decisions you can make before your polished concrete floor is even installed that will help to ensure the functionality and longevity of the surface. Choosing a professional installation company such as Polished Concrete Michigan guarantees that each step of the polishing process is completed with accuracy and precision. Trying to complete the process as a DIY project or with unlicensed installers can lead to issues with the surface and resistance, which can lead to expensive issues down the line. When moisture is able to penetrate the surface of the concrete, it can cause cracking and even structural damage. Each step of the polishing process is crucial in obtaining a seamless, moisture resistant finish that can withstand a variety of elements. One of the easiest ways to make sure your residential or commercial polished concrete floor is of the highest-quality materials and appearance is to choose a reliable company like Polished Concrete Michigan.

Clean Spills Thoroughly

Another simple way to ensure your polished concrete floor stays sleek and shiny is to clean any spills that occur promptly. The surface of a polished concrete floor is moisture-resistant, but if liquids are allowed to sit for extended periods of time it may lead to issues like staining or damage. By cleaning any spills right away, you can rest assured that the surface of your floor will remain stain free and aesthetically sound. Many homeowners and business owners choose polished concrete to cover imperfections on the pre-existing concrete because it is a cost-effective solution. Once you have your new polished concrete floor installed and in use, be sure to clean any spills thoroughly to avoid damages.

Perform Routine Maintenance

With how busy our daily schedules can be, we often forget that our floors need routine maintenance to keep them functioning like new. Oftentimes, months and months can go by before we realize that we have neglected routine maintenance like dusting, mopping, and scrubbing our floors. Creating a weekly and monthly routine maintenance schedule for your polished concrete will ensure that the cleaning is performed regularly and that grime will not build up on the surface. It’s recommended to sweep or dry mop the floor daily or weekly to remove dust and to use a wet mop with gentle cleaner weekly or monthly.

Choose a PH Neutral Cleaner

The surface of a polished concrete floor is extremely tough and can withstand most damaging elements. That doesn’t mean you need a harsh cleaner with abrasive qualities or harsh sanitizing effects to keep your floor clean. Polished concrete is moisture-resistant, which means that it is difficult for bacteria and harmful mold to grow on the floor. It’s recommended that you use a gentle, ph neutral cleaner and to also completely rinse the surface of the floor to prevent slipperiness. You will be able to maintain your floor with a few easy steps, eliminating the need for expensive bills each year.

Refresh The Surface

While simple, routine maintenance is usually enough to keep your floor functioning like new, some people choose to have the surface refreshed every few years. You can do this by contacting a licensed contractor like the ones at Polished Concrete Michigan to come in and complete restorative maintenance. If you start to notice that the shine on your polished concrete isn’t as stunning as it once was or that the surface of your floor looks cloudy, reach out to us today. We can help by assessing the situation and creating a plan of action for repairs or restoration.

Polished concrete is a great option for both home and business owners due to the extreme durability and longevity of these surfaces. With just a few simple maintenance steps periodically, you can ensure that your floor will function like new and shine for years. Having polished concrete installed in Michigan doesn’t have to be stressful or expensive when you choose Polished Concrete Michigan for the job. The days of having to worry about staining on your concrete or unsightly cracks in the surface are over thanks to the sleek and elegant finish of polished concrete.

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